More than 30 years ago there were two young couples on the same island. The power of nature and strong wind was involved to help them to meet each other. One couple helped the other one to find a shelter and that is how the story begin. They talked and laughed, played chess and shared food and become friends. The hot summer breeze they felt as they laid with bare feet in the sand come to the end. One couple lived in Amsterdam and other one in Zagreb.

It was 1985 when the letter was sent. She had read the sentence: “I am pregnant”.
She opened the dictionary and wrote the letter back to Zagreb with the sentence: “Ja sam trudna”.

Meet Jotte, my sister from another country, another town, and another mama and papa.

I am so grateful to have a second family. Three beautiful souls we can count on. This year was my eight visit to the Amsterdam. All of them were special and different from one before but this year for the first time I visited my second family as a mama.




























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